The Harder the Journey the More Beautiful the Result

The harder the journey the more beautiful the result, but not all journeys are designed or meant to be hard, they are only perceived that way, and the way one thinks of their journey and their position can be altered in their perception by the way they understand.
To bring about harmony within one’s thoughts requires wisdom and knowledge, and wisdom and knowledge are gained when love is the key factor in the lives of all.
When love is the most perfect example that you can be, then the ripple that you send will expand and give growth, harmony and joy, and you will stand tall and you will be pleased and happy, joyful, and in harmony with all as you understand this. As your ripple and wave of abundance touches those who understand, then you will have worked well. Each and every one has the free will to give whichever energy they feel fit, but to become fit and beautiful in themselves there is only one course of action, and this my friends is the one that you will find when you visit your true selves, amen.

To fight the true fight will bring about the feeling of righteousness within each and every one, but to understand fully what this fight really is, is the question you must ask yourselves.
—————————Channeled from Spirit Guide Chi

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