Can Everyone Communicate with Spirit?

Question: Can everyone communicate with Spirit?

Answer: Everyone IS Spirit.

Question : Could you give us some advice on how to meditate?

Answer: By forgetting the worries, forgetting earthly matters for a moment, and concentrating on the divine energy. As you touch this energy, maybe briefly for a start, you will begin to become aware of the beauty and power. This will establish within you a datum and recognisable part of your meditation.

All that is needed for you is to lengthen the time you touch the light. Lengthen the time you touch the energy, and you will go deeper and become more aware and leave behind your problems and cares, your worries and concerns. To trust yourself to know the goodness within you will protect you, to move closer to your true home each time you meditate will give you energy and awareness.

These are times when you can truly touch the divine light and love. These are times when you find out the true beauty of yourself.

Trust your guide and helpers to cast the golden light for you to meditate in. For they all meditate in their own way, even now. This is an on-going and wonderful experience for us all, and you will find your true self as you develop this wonderful gift.

Answers received by spiritual channeling at the Hutton Schofield Circle.
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