The Golden Opportunity that is Within You

If you value yourself, if you realise the golden opportunity that is within you, you will understand that life itself is the most important thing that you can experience.

All the other experiences you have that touch the earth in a way of materialism, and the experience of pleasure, and disruption, all those things are just a learning process that teaches you the trueness of your life essence.

If you understand you are a part of all things, and that you can affect all things by your actions and thought, if you can understand that the universe is you and you are the universe, then the treasure you have is in your hearts and your minds, and not to be found in the material or the heavy energies which come with that.

Teaching is a gift, and the ability for you to teach and understand is worth more to you than all the treasures the earth can give up, for you cannot carry them with you with arms that cannot hold them, and you cannot look at them with eyes that cannot see, but you will understand them and you will realise the part they played in your progress.

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What are the causes of Covid-19 ?——– Spirit Guide Chi answers this question

The last 10 months have been an excruciating and intensely sad time for many people, the pandemic has affected us physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The events have perhaps made us realise that many people, many things, that may have been previously overlooked are actually of the utmost importance to us all.

We asked Spirit Guide Chi ifor answers to our questions: How has the Covid-19 pandemic come about ?, what is the cause ? Why is it happening to us ? What are we to learn from it ?

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If the Sword that you Carry as a Weapon was made of Love

This life of experience was never meant to be without the hardships of learning, but to embrace a more difficult course than is needed is indeed the essence of negativity. To rise above and understand, to see the true picture, this requires you to be within the bounds of your natural element and law. And those of you who can truly say that their hearts are for harmony, love, and abundant optimism and joy, will be living within that natural law that says you will progress for being here. And for those that cross the barrier and resort to the darker energies of hatred and greed, to bend their will into others for their own use, these are the ones who will have to fight the darkness, and with the weapon they have of aggression they will find a foe that is equally up to their standard. Until they submit to the harmony of this natural law within you all, and grow in gentle peace, there will be no escape from disruption. And those who have found this gentle light of joyous love will have the knowledge that they are progressing even though they will see and be saddened that the others do not. For each of you have your own individual wills, and you must progress even though others may wish not to do so. But you will always be ready and willing to lend the hand that helps the ones who are able to grasp and lift them from the despair of the darkness they have created. For your heart will tell you that to lift one will be to lift all, and for you to express your love in these conditions will truly be a tribute to your learning. There is unconditional love for you all, but you either accept or do not accept this. It is given freely and without condition, as I have said, but you must be willing to partake of this energy for we cannot make you accept it. But when you are refined enough to find this fulfilling and useful to your advancement, this energy will accept you and you will also accept it.

And this dualness, this teamwork together, will allow you to grow and be a part of and not apart from this glorious awakening.


If the sword that you carry as a weapon was made of love then to strike your neighbour would be a blessing, and if the steel of your swords were replaced with this beautiful energy then good would come from this conflict, and the more you struck each other with the beauty of love and enhancement, the more you would grow. Change your ways of understanding, give your neighbour the ability to give you his love and you will all benefit.





Do you think that we on Earth can create our own Reality?

Do you think that we on earth can create our own reality and if so how do we achieve this?

Always remember you are in your own reality. Remember how real this is. It is easy to slip into unreality, it is easy to think this is all a dream, but bring forward your thoughts of the realness, the wholeness and the oneness of this dimension that you inhabit at this time.

Become aware of your reality within your earth, with your reality in time and space. The moment of your reality is now, this instant, this moment, is your reality. To think forward or to think back takes away the moment, the moment which is reality.

But it is possible for you to create your own moment, I wish to use the term moment in time rather than reality for this instance. Your thoughts and energies can give you the opportunities to climb or to fall away from the existence you most crave and need.

Your minds are strong, once you learn to control them. Evidence for this is all around, others have achieved greatness through their thoughts and focus.
Others have fallen by the wayside through weakness of thought and unconcern for their moment. There are many ways to climb, and many ways to fall, know the reality of these things. To hide behind the cloak of unawareness will cause you to stand still in your abilities to create your own awareness.

You can create a world for yourself which will be in harmony with the laws of nature and the laws of oneness. These are your parameters for moving forward. Providing your ideas and your wishes, your motivations, do not conflict with these natural laws that exist for you and your well-being, the heights that you can achieve are endless. You can go forwards once the reality of the power of your thoughts becomes real.

Extend your minds forward and above your everyday experiences and think and focus on where you wish to be. Hold this image within your mind, and imagine you are already there. This imaginary existence will eventually become true and real, if, as I say, your motivations are within the parameters of your well-being and the natural law which exists.

These are good exercises for you to work with at this particular time, in this stage of your development. Do not be afraid that you will step above yourselves, do not be worried to step forward and try these things. For your teachings in the past have held you back from your full potential.

These things for us are more easy to achieve and are a reality to us. We wish you to shine your best and to give you encouragement to step forward in your thinking and understand the power within you is one thing which we wish to help you develop.

Channeled from Spirit Guide Chi by spiritual channeling.

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The Harder the Journey the More Beautiful the Result

The harder the journey the more beautiful the result, but not all journeys are designed or meant to be hard, they are only perceived that way, and the way one thinks of their journey and their position can be altered in their perception by the way they understand.
To bring about harmony within one’s thoughts requires wisdom and knowledge, and wisdom and knowledge are gained when love is the key factor in the lives of all.
When love is the most perfect example that you can be, then the ripple that you send will expand and give growth, harmony and joy, and you will stand tall and you will be pleased and happy, joyful, and in harmony with all as you understand this. As your ripple and wave of abundance touches those who understand, then you will have worked well. Each and every one has the free will to give whichever energy they feel fit, but to become fit and beautiful in themselves there is only one course of action, and this my friends is the one that you will find when you visit your true selves, amen.

To fight the true fight will bring about the feeling of righteousness within each and every one, but to understand fully what this fight really is, is the question you must ask yourselves.
—————————Channeled from Spirit Guide Chi

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The Future of the Earth and Women

“the prophecy is that woman’s influence, as typified by mother-love, will increase; and, after some set-backs due to woman’s attempts to lead and rule, earth life will accept woman’s guidance (but not dominance) to the great benefit of all”

This was quoted by Air Chief Marshall Dowding, who directed Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain in 1940.

He was a spiritualist, and he is referring in his book “Many Mansions” (1943) to a series of books written almost one hundred years ago by George Vale Owen, which were channeled by automatic writing.

Looks like the prophecy is gradually coming to pass. Very accurate prophecy for 100 years ago, when women didn’t even have the vote.

The series of books, starting with “Life beyond the veil” are well worth a read, they were once difficult to come by, but are now on Amazon, and I think book 1 is free from the Gutenberg charitable press.

How Spirit Guide Chi said good night

Spirit Guide Chi saying good night after an evening’s spiritual channeling:

“A butterfly’s wings are what I wish to bring to you,
the noiseless power within this beautiful creation,
imagine a golden light flowing through the patterns
and think of this, this evening when you think of me, amen.”

Words by Chi channeled at The Hutton Schofield Circle

Photo by kind permission of Christopher Martyn

Can Everyone Communicate with Spirit?

Question: Can everyone communicate with Spirit?

Answer: Everyone IS Spirit.

Question : Could you give us some advice on how to meditate?

Answer: By forgetting the worries, forgetting earthly matters for a moment, and concentrating on the divine energy. As you touch this energy, maybe briefly for a start, you will begin to become aware of the beauty and power. This will establish within you a datum and recognisable part of your meditation.

All that is needed for you is to lengthen the time you touch the light. Lengthen the time you touch the energy, and you will go deeper and become more aware and leave behind your problems and cares, your worries and concerns. To trust yourself to know the goodness within you will protect you, to move closer to your true home each time you meditate will give you energy and awareness.

These are times when you can truly touch the divine light and love. These are times when you find out the true beauty of yourself.

Trust your guide and helpers to cast the golden light for you to meditate in. For they all meditate in their own way, even now. This is an on-going and wonderful experience for us all, and you will find your true self as you develop this wonderful gift.

Answers received by spiritual channeling at the Hutton Schofield Circle.
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Are there children in the spirit world? and other questions

Are there children in the spirit world?

Is there such a thing as the astral plane, and what relationship does it have to the earth plane?

Does everyone go firstly to the astral plane when they pass on?

If a person is terminally ill do you think it wrong for them to end their own life?

These are just some of the questions we asked Chi, a spirit guide from the higher realms, and which are answered in Spiritual Channeling Book 2 through the mediumship of Paul Hutton.

Here are a couple of examples of the wisdom of Chi contained within the many readings given in the book:

“Forgiveness is important, it is important for you to forgive others, for sometimes the full understanding of an action that is taken against you is misunderstood. And in not forgiving others for hurt they cause you means the hurt that you feel carries on.”

“A power beyond your imaginations is within you to be found.”

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