The Golden Opportunity that is Within You

If you value yourself, if you realise the golden opportunity that is within you, you will understand that life itself is the most important thing that you can experience.

All the other experiences you have that touch the earth in a way of materialism, and the experience of pleasure, and disruption, all those things are just a learning process that teaches you the trueness of your life essence.

If you understand you are a part of all things, and that you can affect all things by your actions and thought, if you can understand that the universe is you and you are the universe, then the treasure you have is in your hearts and your minds, and not to be found in the material or the heavy energies which come with that.

Teaching is a gift, and the ability for you to teach and understand is worth more to you than all the treasures the earth can give up, for you cannot carry them with you with arms that cannot hold them, and you cannot look at them with eyes that cannot see, but you will understand them and you will realise the part they played in your progress.

From “The Circle Book 11”, £5.30, or £1.99 as e-book “Spiritual Channeling Book 11” by Paul Schofield and Paul Hutton, from Amazon, Lulu, and major book suppliers.

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