The Oasis of Life

Hand in hand in friendship, in trust and understanding, together we shall we go forward. And together we shall learn to conquer the illusions which hold us back, to break through the shadow and allow the light and the lightness to flow and to become enhanced by the knowledge, the wisdom, and the love which is there for us to take part in.


Spirit guide Chi’s words channeled by medium Paul Hutton, available as 132 page paperback “The Circle Book 5” from Amazon, £5, or as e-book “Spiritual Channeling Book 5” £1.99

Pyschic Art

Aurora Valeria Albertina Bertha Valerius (21 January 1824– 24 March 1895, Stockholm), was a Swedish photographer and painter, and a pioneer founder of the Womens’ Rights movement in Sweden in the nineteenth century.
She painted this picture of Christ, reputedly received through channeling, it is believed the original painting is in a private chapel in Stockholm.