It is possible to communicate with the world of spirit through mediumship.

Some years ago I met Paul Hutton, a medium, at a development circle for mediumship, and between us we decided that he should try and contact the highest spiritual level that he was able to, and that I would ask questions and record the answers.

What we received astounded us and changed our outlook on life forever.

Paul had made contact with a spirit guide from the higher realms, who later gave his name as ‘Chi’, and told us that he had been a Tibetan Lama on earth long ago.

After we had asked a myriad of questions, we asked Chi if he would like to give us spiritual readings of his own choosing, which he did.

Over a period of ten years we were given a treasury of readings concerning life, here and beyond, and guidance along the pathway of spiritual progression.

This blog contains a sample of questions and answers plus a selection of the readings.

The wisdom of Chi, containing all the questions and answers, is available as “Spiritual Channeling” e-books, “The Circle” paperbacks and, also as the original audio recordings, now in digital format.