Question about military attack on Syria

Guide Chi from the Spirit World answers a question about military intervention over chemical weapon use in Syria, the question was asked in 2013, but the answer is just as relevant to the US/British/French military attack of today, April 14th 2018.

“All conflicts have within them the seeds of misadventure, and never can they become a loyal friend to the development of those who participate.

They will only aggravate and cause a hesitation in the progress that one could have made, if one could only have gone forward in a much more peaceful and loving manner.

Just because some take forward an action which is abhorrent and is hateful towards others, does not mean an addition to those energies is in a good cause.

One should, as I say, lead by example, and take forward the energy of love in those areas, to demonstrate the power in the trueness that it can compete and counteract any aggressive and negative energies which can be there.

….These words are easy to say but difficult to put into practice, and I urge you to go forward in your thinking that negativity is never on the winning side.”

Syria question, listen to the complete question and answer on U-tube