To Become Attuned will mean you will Fall in Love with Love

Do not be afraid of understanding your true feelings, be gentle with yourselves and become strong, understand the knowing within is the true one you must follow. You already wear the badge of harmony and understanding, you just need to see and recognise it.

To become attuned will mean you will fall in love with love.

To be carried to the realms of understanding knowing that you have grown within you the full harvest of knowledge, of deeds done with a good heart, will lead you to a land of promise where one need not look back, only forward, for the work has been done, the understanding has been gained, and you have established yourselves in the world of beauty, harmony, understanding, optimism, and learning.
Your creativity will expand and you will be free to establish your true selves as you really are.

……..Channeled from the Spirit World……

Channeled in The Circle Book 9, Chapter 5, Circle 99