If the Sword that you Carry as a Weapon was made of Love

This life of experience was never meant to be without the hardships of learning, but to embrace a more difficult course than is needed is indeed the essence of negativity. To rise above and understand, to see the true picture, this requires you to be within the bounds of your natural element and law. And those of you who can truly say that their hearts are for harmony, love, and abundant optimism and joy, will be living within that natural law that says you will progress for being here. And for those that cross the barrier and resort to the darker energies of hatred and greed, to bend their will into others for their own use, these are the ones who will have to fight the darkness, and with the weapon they have of aggression they will find a foe that is equally up to their standard. Until they submit to the harmony of this natural law within you all, and grow in gentle peace, there will be no escape from disruption. And those who have found this gentle light of joyous love will have the knowledge that they are progressing even though they will see and be saddened that the others do not. For each of you have your own individual wills, and you must progress even though others may wish not to do so. But you will always be ready and willing to lend the hand that helps the ones who are able to grasp and lift them from the despair of the darkness they have created. For your heart will tell you that to lift one will be to lift all, and for you to express your love in these conditions will truly be a tribute to your learning. There is unconditional love for you all, but you either accept or do not accept this. It is given freely and without condition, as I have said, but you must be willing to partake of this energy for we cannot make you accept it. But when you are refined enough to find this fulfilling and useful to your advancement, this energy will accept you and you will also accept it.

And this dualness, this teamwork together, will allow you to grow and be a part of and not apart from this glorious awakening.


If the sword that you carry as a weapon was made of love then to strike your neighbour would be a blessing, and if the steel of your swords were replaced with this beautiful energy then good would come from this conflict, and the more you struck each other with the beauty of love and enhancement, the more you would grow. Change your ways of understanding, give your neighbour the ability to give you his love and you will all benefit.