Does the distinction between men and women disappear in the higher planes?

We are rolled into one, the experience of male and female, there is no difference, it is used only to gain experience on your earth plane. The oneness you seek is within you to experience now, try for a moment to forget your male and your female sides, think of yourself as a spirit of oneness and you will begin to realise there is no need to be one or the other. You are you and that is all that matters.

Can you tell us something about our past lives?

To build upon a lifetime’s experiences sometimes takes many attempts. Mistakes are made and the chance to rectify them is soon past. It is a law within you to have to participate again and again the experience of an earth life. You will get things right as you whittle away at those bad things that hold you back until eventually the purity of you is sufficient to take you forward without looking back again. Some visit many times, others not so many, but all have to reach the same purity of spirit to open the key of the door.


To know yourself is the true value

To know yourself, and to gain strength within yourself, is the true value, is above all material, is above all position.

The truth and the love and the light of yourself is all important, for these are the things you will carry forward when you leave this realm and join the next.

So I ask that you give up all thoughts of envy, all thoughts of material progress, all thoughts of selfishness, and bring forward thoughts of love, of friendship, of healing, and of spreading light and love within your earth.

These will bring you the true rewards, the true enlightenment and the forward progress to develop way and far beyond any material progress that you think important at this time.