To go where your heart finds trueness will open the book for you to read of the self.

Are you the one who can take the goodness of the gifts you are given, and magnify, and grow within you an energy of abundance to give out where once there was nothing?

Can you do this unconditionally and with faith in your future as well as others?

For to grow within the abundance of joy and happiness, of peace and harmony, of love and acceptance, will bring about this magnification, this growth, and this pure abundance that you, each and every one, can bring to each and every other.

Truly can you say with yourselves from small beginnings a great abundance has been brought forth and the harvest of learning, of love, of joy and happiness, has been abundant within each of you.

Bring forth your harvest, allow others to take, and with joy see the happiness you bring.

Do not be a part of the destructive forces which harm and decay the very being of your true course and direction.

Look back and say, I have given more than I have received, and you will truly have a stepping stone that lifts you into an awareness and a journey you yet have to see the beauty of.

I hope my words have reached you in peace and harmony and love, for they are always with you in these energies.

If love radiates positive thought energy, does hatred radiate negative energy?

The word hatred encompasses many emotions, and to cast a shadow into the light of love is detrimental to your growth and your well-being.

My advice is always to walk in the light, never allow your well-being to be diluted by negative thoughts, for this is truly what does happen when you encompass an action as negative thoughts will give you.

The rainbow of your life is meant to shine and be a wonderment to you.

The colours should be piercingly beautiful and not obliterated by evil hatred and negative emotions. Know the harm you do yourselves when you encompass such thoughts. They hold you back and stop your growth, and give you the bad feelings and emotions that drive you downwards into sadness, self pity, tears and unhappiness.

No, cast away the darkness, live in light, be one with us and know the joy of purity of thought.

What would you say is the most important way to live a good life?

“The presence of love within yourself, understanding the beauty that surrounds you. The care, the gentle love that you show children.
To do to your neighbours as you would have done with yourself. To dip your foot within the ocean and know the abundance of this planet. To protect and love it as you would yourself.
To give to others all you wish for yourselves and to appreciate the abundance that is waiting for you in the realms yet to be discovered.”

22,000 words of spiritual wisdom can be yours for less than the price of a Costa coffee…

Question about military attack on Syria

Guide Chi from the Spirit World answers a question about military intervention over chemical weapon use in Syria, the question was asked in 2013, but the answer is just as relevant to the US/British/French military attack of today, April 14th 2018.

“All conflicts have within them the seeds of misadventure, and never can they become a loyal friend to the development of those who participate.

They will only aggravate and cause a hesitation in the progress that one could have made, if one could only have gone forward in a much more peaceful and loving manner.

Just because some take forward an action which is abhorrent and is hateful towards others, does not mean an addition to those energies is in a good cause.

One should, as I say, lead by example, and take forward the energy of love in those areas, to demonstrate the power in the trueness that it can compete and counteract any aggressive and negative energies which can be there.

….These words are easy to say but difficult to put into practice, and I urge you to go forward in your thinking that negativity is never on the winning side.”

Syria question, listen to the complete question and answer on U-tube

Is there one thing that must be avoided at all costs if we are to achieve spiritual enlightenment?

To forget yourself, to become detached from your very being is surely a way to stop your progress. To switch off the light within yourself will halt your progress and stop your awareness and stop your growth and grind you to a standstill, until you become aware again of the love within yourself, the potential you have for going forward and the light and love that awaits you.

Keep your switch on my friend, this way you will not stop.

Do people who are killed in disasters such as the Titanic come to earth to enable others to learn from the disaster, or is it karma, or just a pure accident?

To tread an earth pathway is a chancey thing. Each of us who have walked this way have done so in the knowledge that we ourselves govern and guide our steps. To find ourselves in a situation which beckons us to another plane is one that must be met with faith and a knowledge in the future and the eternity of life. These things are not written, arranged or made to happen for any reason. They are an earth problem and one which must be met head on and with your faith intact. Lessons from such events can and will be used for your education and your enlightenment.

Does the distinction between men and women disappear in the higher planes?

We are rolled into one, the experience of male and female, there is no difference, it is used only to gain experience on your earth plane. The oneness you seek is within you to experience now, try for a moment to forget your male and your female sides, think of yourself as a spirit of oneness and you will begin to realise there is no need to be one or the other. You are you and that is all that matters.

Can you tell us something about our past lives?

To build upon a lifetime’s experiences sometimes takes many attempts. Mistakes are made and the chance to rectify them is soon past. It is a law within you to have to participate again and again the experience of an earth life. You will get things right as you whittle away at those bad things that hold you back until eventually the purity of you is sufficient to take you forward without looking back again. Some visit many times, others not so many, but all have to reach the same purity of spirit to open the key of the door.